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  1. Thanks Sean, I didn't realize that WISP were so popular ocer there. I thought maybe they were more like Cell service providers here where there are only a handful (3-4) with a multitude of Virtual providers reselling service. I was reading up on WISPs here and they seem to still be in their infancy. They appear to have formed an association to deal with bandwidth and other regulatory issues. Their primary focus is building in rural areas where major isps don't find value in building out their systems. The higher end values you show are quite impressive, considering most of our cell service providers with peak reception and prime time can only provide 20 to 40 Mbps. One thing I've not been able to ascertain is the use of a receiver dish and does it need an unobstructed line of sight to the transmitter like a satellite dish to the satellite?
  2. Thanks Sean What kind of speeds do you get with wisp over there. I was just reading and see that that they're just coming into being here in the states. How do I undo this goofy blue text? Better yet how did I get it in the first place?
  3. Actually it's an LG android. I didn't clear the phones cache, that's just how much there was in Google and Chrome. Still trying to figure out how to clear some of the blot and crap in Google play store.
  4. The other day I was getting pissed off at my cell phone for running so slow. I was in the city where I used to get dwnld speeds of 50+Mbps. I ran a TMN speed test and was only getting on 2 attempts 15- 20 Mbps. I realized I hadn't cleared the cache and history on the phone in awhile. I forgot to look at how much was stored before clearing but took almost 10 mins. After clearing I ran a test and the download results were 56 Mbps I guess to be a Smartphone it has to have a smart user. :)
  5. CA3LE I'm glad I posted this thread now. I sort of forgot that the whole purpose of the forums is to educate people about the services they are paying for. I run across people all the time who don't even know they can check their data speeds and most of those that do are only aware of Ookla's test via Speedtest.net of their ISP. You guys are great thanks
  6. Thanks guys for your input. I'm glad my simple little problem could inspire such an intellectual conversation. I actually turned them down when they first offered me the upgrade. I exact thought was I don't need any thing faster than what I'm getting. Especially now that I'm getting what I've been paying for. I just thought I would see if it made any significant difference. I didn't think about my system capabilities. ShakTib I am running a 5 yr old Toshiba Satelite C55D Before I bother doing anything else I need to upgrade the 4gig RAM to 8 or 16. After looking up my system, you guys have a recommendation? Firefox uses so much these days that if I don't constantly clear my history I max out the RAM and freeze up.I don't really do any gaming but I'm a real Movie and TV buff.
  7. Thanks ShakTib It's exactly what was looking for. It shows am capable of 100.0 Mbps of data transfer. I might as well cancel the 250 Mbps plan until I have equipment that can utilize it. You're awesome. :)
  8. No you're right, it wasn't. If you can remember back when M.A. was at the Speakeasy cafe with G.A. it was all about service. About trying to give customers something they wanted and needed. After the cafe burned down they moved in the direction of providing those services directly to you (DSL) even kept the dial-up going for those who couldn't afford the dsl. When M'A. left to start the big O it became all about the money. Even Speakeasy itself went the way of the Mega Corp.
  9. So I looked to see if I could find the question asked before and could not. The other day after getting me a new modem, my ISP offered to upgrade me from the "high speed 100 to HS 250 for only $10 extra a month. As I mentioned in another feed I'm getting avg 92- 96Mbps with the new modem (Assis). I called Tues and subscribed to the 250 plan. They reset the modem supposedly. No change in download speeds.Is there a way to check the computers capabilities before I call them up. If this has been answered already please feel free to point me in the right direction
  10. I love it. Many more options and easier to track results. I was able to use the graphed results to show my ISP there was a problem with either their service or equipment. A change out in the equipment resolved the ongoing problem and retain me as a customer.No other tests provide graphical results showing fluctuations speed.
  11. Ya, and of course it is my pleasure to share the benefit. Thanks
  12. I'm A WAVE customer and have been for a little over 2 years. I live in an area of WA state considered rural. The only other service providers HughesNet and Frontier. Frontier has horribly slow service, but because they are the local phone provider they are the only service available to some people and HughesNet is, Well, "Hughesnet". WAVE has invested considerably in their infrastructure here and provides some of the fastest speeds available in the region. The only real problem I've had with them has been with equipment and field technician quality.
  13. I posted the new conversation in general discussion. (How TMN helped me convince my ISP......) If there is a more appropriate place for it please feel free to move it Thanks
  14. For over a year I've been complaining to my ISP that I thought there was a problem with the modem I rent from them. I am paying for a service of 100Mbps. They guarantee 80% of that. The best results I ever got from TMN was 56Mbps via network cable, avg 38 via wifi output. On at least a weekly basis I would have to call them and reset the modem. On a couple occasions they sent out a service tech. The first time the tech added a coax coupler and ran a test (Speedtest.net) and showed me I was getting 87Mbps. I told the tech that wasn't an accurate test. A few months later they sent out a tech again to check the equipment. He ran a speedtest (Ookla) on his phone using my wifi. After several attempts he finally got a speed of 76Mbps. I ran a test on my Laptop using TMN and got a result of 48Mbps. I was told to run Speedtest because it tested from their own server. Ran the test using Speedtest and got a result of 78 and was told TMN was not reliable. Fast forward: This past 2 weeks I've had to call daily and get them to reset the signal. Finally Thur 5/09 they agreed to send out a tech on Tues to check and possibly swap out the Hitron modem. Friday when the service stopped again I asked if I could drive the forty miles to the store. Saturday I did so and here are the results. TMN 92.8 dnld 7.87 up with peak down at 94.8. surprisingly at test at Speedtest.net give a download speed of 94.87 Mbps. Sunday I actually had a TMN download speed of 99.6. Thanks to TMN my ISP has given me a $60 credit for this month and a $30 reduction for the next 12 months. Thank you, Denny
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