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  1. I am a HughesNet customer too and I have what I feel is terrible internet speed. Here is a test I ran on my internet on this site: myaverage?q=Beauman I hope that shows up - it doesn't on my side. If not please let me know how to show the chart which was provided by the Automatic test I did. I am supposed to have a Download of 25 Mbps on the Gen 5 pkg. I called tech support several times but it seems that everything that is done is reducing my download speed. They even sent a tech out to check all my equipment and they replaced all my equipment and tested all connections, placement of the dish, etc. I need to note that I use one PC or laptop or TV. I do not have a local network with other people using the internet when I am. I can't stream anything. I can't watch You Tube videos unless I start the stream and don't start watching until it is fully downloaded. The same happens with Roku, Netflix, etc. And I do not have the patience to wait on other streaming sites. Other people around me claim they have no trouble with HughesNet speeds now that they have been switched to Gen 5. HughesNet called me and stated that I need to be changed to Gen 5 but I would need to commit to another 2 years. I did and I gave permission to change me to Gen 5 but this shows that my speed dropped after that change was made? My question is does this look like I am being unreasonable to expect a better speed on Gen 5 which advertises a 25 Mbps download? Am I reading this test wrong? I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thank you. Beauman Speed Test Results.pdf
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