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  1. I signed nothing on installation. According to their web site under legal terms though once your equipment is installed and activated you are obligated to a service agreement. If you decide that you want to break the agreement, you must contact their customer service and are subject to a penalty.
  2. How do intend to collect from you. They didn't live up to their promise. I'm having the same situation here.
  3. The only possible contract that I remember was the initial conversation I had when I ordered service from them. I didn't receive a written contract by email from them.
  4. I just got Hughes net and have yet to get the download speed they advertised. Getting upload of 1.2 MBps to as high as 3.18! This is only a fraction of the 20 they advertised. I don't think any of there so-called technicians can fix this. I want cancel and go to Century link. Hope I can get out from under this bad deal without costing me an arm and a leg.
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