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  1. Err.. And if I update my profile, the sig shows up fine, but if I go back to update it the information is gone and all that's in the box is my full name. Same goes for website title and URL.
  2. Yep - Just noticed the time logged in is updating now
  3. The site's up now - But I've noticed 2 "bugs" It says I've been logged in for 29 minutes no matter how long I've been logged in. And my stats for the past couple of days aren't being reflected here: https://testmy.net/tools/database/personal_stats_30d.php?user_name=apriluofa&m=10&d=07&Y=2006
  4. Disabling web acceleration has gotten rid of the proxy so my IP is dpc67****87.direcpc.com however this hasn't solved my problem. Nobody can still "see" my computer as what they see the modem instead, as my IP is actually the modem's IP, not my computer's. I still can't host games (or a web camera or web page for that matter).
  5. My boyfriend and I are both fond of Civilization 4 and would like to play against each other online, however he uses ISA Server which doesn't seem to like working with Directplay, so he can't host the games, and I haven't had any sucess hosting them myself on my DW7000 modem. There aren't any options for port forwarding with the modem as far as I know, but can anyone else think of a solution to this? Either on my end or his (He's using ISA Server 2004 btw). It's fairly annoying as I'm not a big gamer so it's rare for me to find one that I like, much less one that he likes as well and it's something we'd like to do together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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