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  1. Obviously, this topic has history! So much for Build-Out network maturing. I've a similar experience Semi- Rural 74702, Southern Oklahoma, a growing town of 28k plus on us75N, some 90 miles N. of D FW. "Upgraded to a disappointing top-teir Ulimited plan. ''After 22g, may be speed reduced .. temporarily '' aka: THROTTLED! 90 days and 10 support calls later, would be more, but often flops late of a nite, and I can't do an Asian Support Call some nights. - So, I told tech today, nothing I signed for said 4 mg down & 6 upto often & randomly. Before 22, Definitely on that number, and at 4pm Saturday aftn or weeknite 2am....existing for 30+ mins. To Hours. My ck"d best is 35, avg is 18-22ish, my "slow" is 2-4... Unworkable, unacceptable, unfair. Especially to a very loyal prepaid customer of 6yr, and 25yrs landline user. They already treat p-pay like a stepchild ? So, I've asked customer retention to contact me, an attempt for long term relief. Cuz, i am about over this, should i call it Done? No pain or inducement would see me supporting them, or associated profit center... EVER Again, just ask sprint. Sure be glad to receive any proven contact person, or point. To include talking pts, if possible. That covered, Maybe options for an impending switch... Since the ccp required my downsizing for a time to 40' RV on property, i think my former p2p providers do not support potentially temp structures, on temporary locations. Any known, $70 services running stable, concistant 30mbs of LTE, with a 75gig cap useage? I see several sell specialty mobility or static AP routers, but the monthly fee, $120 is a bit much. TMN's provider comparisons shows a regon a company initialed as 'BT', Good performer... Any bells? Searches return nada. TMN IS the best, most comprehensive Speedster going, and beni's to boot! Thanks for the space and time, jd
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