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  1. I ran some tests in August and then had a break. Now I'm running some more tests, but they're just added on top of the old ones, even though there's a break of three weeks and the scale of th X axis is different.. How can I start a new test series, so that there's a new results file to download, that doesn't contain the earlier results?
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I'm glad to be reassured. I think the wording you have suggested would meet the requirement very well. TMN has done a great job for me, now I can really demonstrate that the speed on my service is fluctuating rapidly, and isn't just due to contention (which I would expect to show a more gradual change over time, and have some daily pattern). Unfortunately my ISP and the owner of the phone network aren't going to do more than shrug, so I'm planning to go to a 4G service from a phone mast.
  3. Thank you both. I decided to keep the tab open. I ran the test at five minute intervals for seventy five cycles. It shows the fluctuations brilliantly. I'm slightly perplexed by the 'random files uploaded'. What happens to them after they've been uploaded? If the files are randomly selected from my HDD how can I prevent sensitive files being uploaded?
  4. Hello, I'm new to TMN. My internet speed has crashed in recent months, and fluctuates wildly in the 0-1Mbp/s range, but sometimes goes up to 3.5! I'm running a series of tests at short time interval. Do I need to keep the TMN page open in my browser throughout, or can I close it and rely on getting the e-mail at the end of testing?
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