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  1. TP Link AC1200. I just ordered what was shown in this pic! I figure if it helps you, it will help me!!!?
  2. Thanks. So, you think this will give me better WiFi and ability to stream?
  3. Because I’m so techno illiterate can you please tell me the model number you used? Also, how to hook it up?
  4. My modem has an Ethernet cable not connected to anything. The booklet says it is the HT2000W/H21020. It still will not let me stream despite good signal and good enough speeds.
  5. I posed this question to HugesNet and was told you cannot use anything but what they give you because nothing else is compatible with their system!!! I still cannot stream, even though my speeds are where they should be to stream!! Awaiting a call from their techno people who are “investigating”!
  6. I just had Hughesnet installed yesterday. Last night my upload was only 1-2 mbps and my download was at 5-7 mbps. I called them, and after over an hour on the phone, was told that they would have to forward my problem on to their tech dept to start an investigation. Someone would be with me in 3-5 business days!!! REALLY??? Tonight I am getting really good speeds. Don't know if they did something or if the dish has a clearer view of the satellite. However, it is after 11 PM and I just hope I don't have to wait til this late to use it! I will call them to inquire about a better modem. Thanks for asking this question.
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