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  1. Is internet Neutrality a threat? I believe so. Government didn't invent it how can they know anything about it except control. Leave it alone and let it evolve just like Bitcoin or Merit or Block chain which were predicted in 1990 or 93 by Nobel winner Milton Friedman and more vaguely by Nobel winner F.A. Hayek in 1983. The prediction basically was that inovation most likely through technology would lead to government controlled currency's to be replaced and or made obsolete. It's beginning and net neutrality is their answer to it. What do ya'll think? I'm open as this is freaking new territory eh?
  2. San Antonio recently had Google offering internet service at 1000mbps for $70 month fiber optic cable that they are laying. How is this possible? I heard only 10 U.S. cities are getting it at the present time. I'm trying to verify if someone I know has it yet but appreciate opinions.
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