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  1. Can anyone suggest a doc to read on this topic? I am familiar with multiThreading in a general programming context. I understand why networking Apps might benefit from multiple connections. But how does our TNM test use it? I did a search on this forum for "multiThread" and found a few posts, all of which were oriented toward someone trying to achieve a specific result with responses typically saying "try multithread." OK. Well, "try it you will like it" is ok I suppose. If anyone is aware of a tutorial document that might help illuminate why and under what circumstances a multithread test is appropriate, please hit me up. My Environment contains Windows 10 clients, MAC OS clients, cell phones, and TVs connected to the internet. My hope is to determine which type of testing is most meaningful. I am not looking for the "good news" test (i.e. I don't run marketing benchmarks). Currently I run a test per day and watch the pattern (more Mbps or less Mbps) without a clue as to why it might be going up or down. Thanks in advance -- to anyone caring to educate the Newbie. --john
  2. Hi, I am hoping to meet other Suddenlink customers in the Houston metro area to compare data and experiences. I for one have found Suddenlink's business and support to be SuddenShock - and am wondering if it is just me, or ... As well, I believe my data rates will have to become an issue soon. I would be very pleased to hear from others who have taken bandwidth complaints forward to Suddenlink. --john
  3. Everything is about money, as you said already. You also said another interesting thing. You said "our" internet, which is an advanced topic and IMO not the same as net neutrality. So whose internet is it ? All of the opinions that I am aware of are bracketed between two extreme positions. The first being it belongs to the government(s), because in the end, they can and will turn it off if it serves their agenda. The other "bookend" being the position we hear from Firefox, which is, it belongs to the people. ( a human right, if you will) All of my opinions/positions are Works In Progress, always subject to change as new information arrives. In the right here and right now -- I believe the answer is "Everything is about money." The dot-com industry has the ability to influence the government ( true owner ) more than the Open Source activists or public in general. My $0.02 - have a wonderful day.
  4. Hi all. Sometimes you just have to have more cowbell ! I can't explain it. I'm on the edge of the Houston metropolitan area. Mostly farms a few years ago. Civilization is doing what it does; ever expanding outward. That means, (you guessed it) Pizza delivery and internet ! I have all the same grief everyone else does. My ISP has given me more than enough reasons to keep an eye on them. Additionally, I am doing research into hosting my own domain. By way of introduction, that is me in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to hearing about what others are experiencing. The testing App? So far so good, though it is certainly not the "good news" app. (ha ha) Sincerely, --Rebrecs
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