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  1. I just recently switched to Century Link, their “high-speed Internet” package. Before this I was using Comcast/Xfinity....But their prices starting to become outrageous and quite honestly I didn’t need everything that was Offered it in a basic tier level account. So I am rounding off my first month with Century Link and I can’t say that I’ve really had any problems except for that I may have noticed that it might be a tad bit slower but it’s hard to tail to be completely honest… I feel like at certain times (especially when my bill was due ). Xfinity was actually slower or maybe even throttled? I have a AIO Samsung computer... That’s the plug directly into their modem/router and my cell phone is the only other thing that uses the Wi-Fi... I made the switch obviously to stream instead of paying quadruple the price to also have cable channels that I didn’t watch and so far I have not noticed much of a difference except that I have to use an HDMI cable to basically mirror my computer screen onto my TV. But that will only be for the next month, I will be getting a smart TV that has built-in Wi-Fi I’m looking for suggestions?
  2. I’m not very tech savvy person so I have to admit that I’m Completely confused and I’m to be honest, I vaguely understand what is really being talked about.
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