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  1. Thanks for the help. It is a brand new computer with 16G memory, so idk why it would be having issues with the CPU, especially when it was running when nothing was on but the browser in the morning. It might have been a browser update or other issue. I didn't figure it was an ISP issue since they had fixed the single thread to be better. I was just curious since I hadn't heard of multithread ever been slower than single thread, so was wondering if it was an issue with the modem settings or something. Oh well. Will just see how it goes.
  2. Did that and it is currently ranging from 154-187mbps with multithread on and 103-105mbps with multithread off, but I don't know how accurate the representation is since I am not getting the equivalent speeds on single thread with no manually selected download amount like I was before. I will try again later and see if that comes back, since the results I am getting now are much different than what I was getting last week. (Had been getting around 201mbps on single thread with no manually selected amount.) Thanks for the help though.
  3. I was having issues with my internet being slow for downloading (supposed to get 200MB download and was getting maybe 10% that). When we had the repair guy come out, it was going fast right when he tested it, and then dropped as soon as he left. We had him come back, and it was slow for him until he called the company again and it picked up. Now, the tests show the correct speed for single thread testing, but not for multithread testing, which can vary from close to the actual speed to around the upload speed (being around 6MB). From what I have seen online, multithread is supposed to be faster than single thread. Any one know what is up? Also, could it be bufferbloat issues? Thanks.
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