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  1. If they continue to bill you for service that is not provided, it can get their attention if you file a complaint with the FCC: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us Some states have consumer protection bureaus that you can use as well, but mine refers broadband issues to the FCC. In the past filing complaints seems to have attracted some attention.
  2. Same story here. 1-2 mbps download speed consistently (told me it was 25 when signed up for the new 5th Generation). Upload test sometimes crashes because it is so slow. I have spent days now trying to get help . All they say is that it has been "sent to engineering" and that they will call me back. I only use them because there is no alternative in rural Pennsylvania and have had to use them for years. Once I had to dig the trench for coaxial cable from dish to the house for their installers because the ground was "too hard". Installer was about 20 years old, I'm over 60. Hughes net is a provider of last and only resort.
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