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  1. I have tried multi-threaded. Results are always garbled... Mixed. Right now every test I try, from every host (even multi-threaded), is basically random. 600+ (which is what I pay for and what, for a week or so, was always showing up) is now very rare - best results are usually 300-500ish. 100-200 very common. Sub-100 not uncommon. Upload speed never really changes. Comcast gives terrible upload speeds, though. Was at 11mbps for what seemed like a decade. Just now got bumped up to 22. Oh well, I guess if you guys here are stumped then it's pretty hopeless. Probably g
  2. Btw, my modem/"gateway" is right next to my PC. It's always connected via 3' cable. I've always used 5e, but since this has been happening I've tested cat6 250mhz and cat6 550mhz as well (both also 3 feet), but results are always the same. Always connected via ethernet, never wifi.
  3. I also seem to always get 60-90 MB/s (that's bytes) downloads on Steam if I download a large game. All other "normal" speed tests give me ~700mbps at all times. It's only testmy.net that's being weird, but I have trusted the site for so long so it is driving me crazy. I mean, it SHOULD be the most accurate test just based on how it operates... 😕 I'm sure most people, upon hearing that, would tell me not to worry as long as things seem to be "working". Personally, it just doesn't jive with me at ALL if I suspect my ISP (comcast.....) is manipulating things by prioritizing packe
  4. I did a latency test the other day. I'll post it here. I also did a 6 hour, once-every-15-min test but I ended up restarting my pc without remembering to save the results. I did glance at them when it was on like test 22 or something, and I noticed that very few of the tests (it was download only - from dallas) were in the 600-700 range (which is what i should be getting). I recall seeing many tests that were under 100mbps, including one I glanced at that was 3.9mbps.... Every single time I test, including right now, Dallas gives absolutely the worst results, by far. Again, this never
  5. While skimming over the net, I did notice 1-2 other folks describe VERY similar stories (many talk about the wifi coverage/speed, but I have seen a few that describe very closely to what I'm saying with ethernet). Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of these mention a reason or solution. 😕
  6. Hello all. This is a first post for me, and I figured this may be a good place to put it... Anyway, here's the story: I've always used testmy.net to test my internet speeds ever since discovering it many years ago. I've always had Comcast, and each time they've given me more speed it would show up just fine on testmy.net, no matter how many times, either in a row or over time, that I tested (except for very rare anomalies). Things were always stable. Just recently we went to the comcast office to pay a bill and discuss our data cap (1TB...). Actually, my father went there, so I'm not
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