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  1. Further update for @CA3LE... Finally got a response - after sixty-six days of being ignored. And if (like me) you think that's funny, you'll find this hilarious - they reverted to the "you have to use our intranet speed test" argument. Sigh. Now, I await the results of their "comparison test." PS: emails attached, as per usual - seems they might have uploaded in reverse chronological order though... If so, sorry for the confusion.
  2. Turns out, I didn't have to wait a month. Back down to <10mbps for the past three days. Sigh. Oh, and still no response from Buckeye - neither tech nor billing. Shocker.
  3. Just a quick update for @CA3LE: Speeds are improved enough that I'm going to reduce the frequency of my tests from 5min to 30min in hopes of saving some of your bandwidth. And no, nothing was changed on my end to fix anything, only serving to reinforce my assertions all along that the problems were on Buckeye's end (not that they'd ever acknowledge that, of course). They're still ignoring my emails, so I don't expect to see any sort of credit to my account for the ~two months of unusable internet, but there's really nothing I can do about that. Don't worry - I'll be bac
  4. Trying one more time, because, well, I don't have any other recourse, I guess. (the attached screenshot) I'll keep you updated, @CA3LE.
  5. I've only got four families in my immediate neighborhood, and I'm barely on a first-name basis with three of them (much less a "what-do-you-use-for-internet-and-how's-your-performance" basis), while the fourth is not tech-savvy enough to know a modem from a microwave. As far as my greater area, yeah, there are plenty of complaints. Many quite similar to mine. Many more don't even bother speaking up, because they know it'll do no good. BBB complaints similar to mine go unresolved. It's been this way for roughly a decade and a half, through two separate house moves, datin
  6. Just an update for you, @CA3LE, the past few days my speeds have gotten even worse than normal - moreover, they've stopped fluctuating. They're now consistently in the 5-10Mbps range. I've attempted to contact support twice more via email, on the 12th and earlier today, and my emails are still being ignored. The last response I've gotten back was April 12. And as I said, phone hasn't given any better results the one time I actually managed to get through the wait time.
  7. 44870. Apart from the Hughesnet and their satellite ilk (tech with inherently, prohibitively high ping for my needs), no. And every time I try looking up Spectrum, I get all excited because it appears to be available until you reach the final step of the quote process where they give you a big 'ol "Sorry! This service is not available at your location!" prompt. It also demonstrates how sad my situation is that I'm wishing for a provider with their own long history of service issue complaints such as Spectrum. Alas, that's where I'm at. Yeah, you'll notice his Twi
  8. Bump for @CA3LE... Did you have any other ideas, or am I just pretty much stuck dealing with getting ~6% of the bandwidth I'm paying for roughly 40% of the time? My emails are still being ignored; I remain blocked by their Twitter account where I initially sought help back in September 2018; I've attempted calling three times since they started ignoring my emails and waited on hold over an hour twice and the one time I did get through I got the same run-around I'd gotten via email; and when visiting their office in person, I was informed they don't offer technical su
  9. This seems to pretty definitively show that with or without VPN, the same bandwidth drops occur. Which, as I understand it, would eliminate the possibility of shaping/throttling.
  10. Exaaaaactly. Which would be back in September of 2018, when they blocked me on Twitter for asking for help (screenshot attached). I'd call the chances of a credit being somewhere in the neighborhood of "snowball's chance in h-e-double-hockey-sticks." Glad to see someone agrees, though, for sure!! At least tells me I'm not crazy. By ignoring me for eleven days, and after being prodded, replying with the same old song-and-dance they've repeated since this began (other screenshot attached). I figured you weren't. I know how stuff falls through the crac
  11. Much appreciated, @CA3LE! Please take as much time as you need, and let me know if you need any further updates or anything else from my end. Thank you in advance!
  12. Emails still being ignored by Buckeye, posts still being ignored here... I guess I should just resign myself to throwing away $200+/mo for speeds I used to get from $12/mo AOL dial-up back in the day, eh? I'm out four grand at this point, going back to when these issues began, for crying out loud. I mean, if somebody here is connected to Buckeye, and that's preventing you from addressing my posts, that's understandable - but it'd be swell if someone would tell me so that I stop wasting my time repeatedly posting in the hopes that eventually I'll have provided enough data that somet
  13. @CA3LE, I've noticed you replying more and more to other threads, so I was wondering if I could possibly get some input on my particular issue...? Going on a month since my first cry for help here (and twenty since my first to my ISP), and I'm no closer to a solution now than when I began. In fact, it feels like it's gotten noticeably worse over the time I've been testing. What was once a drop to ~6Mbps is now a drop to ~600Kbps, what was once a ping spike to ~200ms is now four spikes to ~800ms. Or should I just take this as a sign that I should embrace the Amish way of life?
  14. Another week of frustration, another week of the problem (and my pleas for help) being ignored by Buckeye, another week of running a thousand more tests. Sigh.
  15. Still struggling. Back to getting emails ignored. I guess I should be happy to pay $250/mo for the inability to maintain a connection to, essentially, anything on the internet. Can't stay connected to Skype or Discord calls, can't stay connected to Twitch in order to stream, can't watch Youtube or Netflix without continual buffering... Honestly, I haven't been able to use my internet connection for over a month for anything other than complaining about my internet connection. Still hoping for someone here to have some sort of epiphany that solves - or at the very least, explains -
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