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    entrappedmind got a reaction from CA3LE in Incredibly low download speeds, intermittent for years, becoming constant   
    That does look incredibly similar... But wouldn't that also show up on a test within the ISP's network? Because my issues only show up as soon as the data leaves the Buckeye network - which is why they're refusing to so much as acknowledge there is an issue, much less do anything about it.
    For example, my most recent tests. These were performed at the same time - one here:

    and one on Buckeye's network:

    If it was a signal noise issue, wouldn't it show up at least intermittently on the intranet test as well? Also, my cabling hasn't been touched in a decade (and the router has already been replaced in the hopes of fixing the issue), so if it was anything to do with my wiring, wouldn't it have shown up even longer ago than this? As far as I'm aware, coax cable doesn't degrade over time - or am I mistaken?
    Also, how would that square with the issue that brought me here in the first place, where my speeds had initially been sustained for hours at a time at low speeds, then hours at a time at high speeds? If it were signal noise, that couldn't have happened, am I right? This, for example:

    Thank you for your response, @nanobot!
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