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  1. I'm ok with AC & DC electrical wiring. I have restarted my modem many times. I have also defrag hard drive, run dish cleanup daily, emtpied %temp% files daily. No viruses or adware. I have not tried discharging the static elec. from cable, but I will. My dish is attached to a 2 3/8 steel pole that I concreted 3 feet in the ground myself. The installer arrived & attached the dish to the pole & ran all cables to house. I could do the grounding myself if i knew the correct procedures. Would I be grounding to the steel pole or do I need to use copper grounding rod 6 to 8 feet i
  2. :evil6:Disk is securely mounted , tech did'nt ground nothing. sky is clear So you don't thank speeds will be any better. I can said that some of these post don't sound good.
  3. Hi all. Well first off, I live out in the sticks. All I can acquire is satellite or dial-up. Been on dailup for way too long, just about drove me insane. So, I have a brainstorm. Let's go DIRECWAY! Started out with home pro-plan .74 dish 1-watt & DW7000. Just couldn't wait for the day of the installation to be completed, so I could go get online at a great speed! Istallation took about an hour. The installer was not knowledgeable about any kind of systems. I have a signal strength of 50 to 55 normally. It jumps around from time to time. There are many times when it is slower than dial-up
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