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  1. Hi guys, A quick background of my story. I moved into a home in New Orleans 2 years ago. Since day 1 I have had the most unreliable internet connection I could imagine. They are my only ISP provider available. I pay for their "Gigablast" service, 1000 mbps down, 35 mbps up. After countless technicians and maintenance people, I have yet to find any solution. I have purchased 3 new modems, used one of their modems, new routers, new cables, nothing helped in the slightest. I was told my house is at a terminating tap, which means I'm at the very end of the line at the end of the node. On top of all of this, I'm almost certain my account has been flagged. Cox claims there is nothing wrong with my connection "everything looks great." When I test on their site, my speeds range from 250 mbps download to 600mbps (still far short of what I pay) and 15mbps-30mbps up. However when I test here and other places this are my results. https://testmy.net/myaverage/Himicane I fall far below receiving 10% of the service I pay for. I am hard wired to a switch, so my pc isn't a victim of poor wifi signal. Every other site besides cox, says my internet is horrid, except for Cox's site which is what they argue back with me saying, their site is the only valid one. Can anyone help me? Is their any legal recourse I can take? Not only has this hurt me professionally bc I work from home, but this has hurt my sanity. Any, and I mean any help offered would be much appreciated.
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