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    Michael Tracy reacted to angieinthelou in Totally Unacceptable   
    I totally agree, I too am very disgusted with Hughs. The slow speed is just ridiculous and not just now due to COVID 19 its always slow and now its almost non existent. 
    No way this should be a constant! 
    I dont live that far in the woods in fact I dont at all! Shame the lines for fast internet service stop 1/2 a mile from my house!
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    Michael Tracy reacted to Pgoodwin1 in Frontier FIOS Gigabit; ("as fast as 940/880 Mbps")   
    I don’t know what kind of average and stability you should expect at those high speeds. Maybe someone with experience at those type speeds will chime in and comment. There’s a lot of things that have to be perfect to attain near-gigabit speeds. 
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    Michael Tracy reacted to Robin Loraditch in How can I speed up my internet, HUGHESNET...which is really,really slow...IF it works at all!!   
    I have been a customer since November 2019. They are horrible, honestly.  I have called twice a week or more since installed.   I have had my modem replaced( which they wanted me to pay for shipping and I absolutely refused.  Why would I pay more for service I'm not getting.) because they said I had data leaks. I would have nothing connected, and was losing .5-1gig in a 24 hour period. While on the phone with tech support, he saw me loose .3gb in an hour on the phone. During bonus time...we are good to get 1mb and maybe 3mb at best...because we download at that time. At 2am we can have 14mbps and a soon as we start downloading content, BOOM they throttle us back to 1-3mbps. When we are in our regular data usage time period...we usually get 9-10mbps at best. Usually it is less than 1mbps. I spend more time with tech support than I do actually using the internet. The screwy thing is...I have speed tests here clocked at 151mps and 70mps plus at times. Soo...they can supply you with more speed. They choose not to. We cannot get cable internet, our neighbors have it, but our driveway is over 1 mile long and we live In the sticks. So it was this or the other satellite provider. I just get tired of the excuses, and the tokens. Plus they tried to upsale me on a bigger plan lmfao. Because I really wanna pay them more.. for what we Already aren't getting. I wish I knew a fix, and the latency is ugh. I wanna know where my "Lightning Fast internet Speeds" are that they advertise. And there is that 2yr contract..got ya
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    Michael Tracy reacted to CA3LE in How can I speed up my internet, HUGHESNET...which is really,really slow...IF it works at all!!   
    I don't have Hughes but we get a lot of complaints about their speed and latency here.  Do you have any other ISP options where you live?
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