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  1. Neighbors are approx. 150 and 250 feet away.  I'm closer to the remote terminal than they are.  Spyware:  Spysweeper, set to update and sweep everyday.  

    UPDATE:  Finally got to level 2 support, a guy in St. Louis named Chuck.  Talked to him for about two hours.  THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE CHUCK!  He shall sit close to the right hand of God.  Their 10 day automatic speed increase never happened because of some wires being crossed in my area, or so he says.  Sounded good to me.  At any rate, he cranked up the speed and ripped off the knob....manually, of course.  It was the only civilized thing to do.  

       Now I am running at nineteen hundred and eleventy kila-whatevers up and null set down.  I'd post my speed test, but with what I've seen posted around here so far, that would be like showing up for Cruise Night at Sonic in a Simca.  And I don't compare my things anymore as it might once again make me feel marginalized and insignificant, 'cause one time, at band camp...

       So my speed went up and life is good.  At this moment, as I type this sentence, I'm a happy camper.  Heck, I might even become a bulletin board moderator 'cuz in those two hours with Chuck I gained enough knowledge of DSL to rule the world.  And, my puny subjects, I WILL do both tomorrow, but right now my wife says I have to do the dishes.

  2. I have AT&T plan that says I should get up to 1.5.  I get 325-335 at best. My two next door neighbors have Earthlink at $39.95/month and they want to switch to AT&T because it is cheaper.  They both get approx.1.5.  We all are roughly 14,700 feet away from AT&T's terminal.  When I called AT&T to get them to sell me a faster plan they said the plan I have is all that is available to me and that I can't upgrade.  Further, they said that I shouldn't worry about getting a referal code so that I can get a discount for referring my two neighbors to them because their plan is not available to my neighbors and if they drop Earthlink they can't get with AT&T.

        WHAT GIVES?  I'm not too far for their faster plan, am I?  After all, my neighbor's download is MUCH faster than mine...same distance.  What can I do?  I had Direcway, then Wildblue.  Nothing has delivered worth a crap.  The computer I'm using is one of the newest and fastest that Dell advertises.  I'd really appreciate any suggestions you may have to get my speed faster.  This situation mocks my existence...

  3. Had Direcway4000 for three years 'till February.(60+ hours on customer support line, never got promised speeds)  Dropped them to go to WildBlue Pro.  It delivered as promised until 2-3 months ago.  Service call; new tria, new 3.5mm coax cables,using their maximizer...speeds are still ALL over the place.  Up,Down,up,Down,Down.  Did I say Down?  Yesterday ATT (SBC) made DSL available here.  Please help me make an educated decision to change or not.  I am 8,900 feet from central office. (Too far? speed degradation due to distance?) Their "Pro" package is available up to 9,500 feet.  They say I will get 1.5-3meg down, 384-512K up. Today I have had download speeds from 47-157kB/s on WildBlue. Need to run two computers simultaneously through Dynex network hub. Deal....or no Deal?  I could live in a towsack hung in a septic tank (and like it), but I can't live with this. I am a blank slate...educate me.  Thanks ahead of time for your input.

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