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    mjkd got a reaction from CA3LE in App to download and runs in the background   
    Agree. I have been looking for something I can setup on my NAS, possibly in a Docker Container, so I can turn off my desktop and still run the tests.
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    mjkd got a reaction from CA3LE in Feature Request: Pause Automatic Tests   
    I have been using this service for the last 15 months to track down and prove to my ISP that they are congested between 5-10pm every night (speeds tank from ~300mbps to ~20, often less). This has been VERY helpful in proving my case.

    However, IF I happen to be doing something that is bandwidth sensitive, and the automatic test runs, it REALLY screws me over. It would be really nice if I could just "pause" the test for X minutes/hours or even just indefinitely, without having to cancel the test and restart it later. 
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