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  1. I was away a bit, but wanted to get back with you on this. No, I am simply a user as I do not own or work for the WISP. They are a rural co-op that also does satellite ISP for those out of wireless service. There are reasons I can't dig into this myself, mainly because I am not paid to do so. Also, not to sound arrogant in any way, but it is a fact that I seem to know a LOT more about networking, computers and technical issues in general than anyone there does. Even their installers will admit that as they simply put in the equipment and left it up to me to configure all my routers, switches,
  2. I spoke with the WISP and they are not limiting or prioritizing their download VS upload packets, at least they are aware of. Also, they said they were finding it difficult to believe it may be somewhere else because they spoke with someone that is not on their service at all and found the same discrepancy for download VS upload. However, as I pointed out, that would not rule out the possibility that at some point in the link for providers they aren't running into the same one, for example, if AT&T was the local WISP provider's main pipe and the person they spoke with OUTSIDE their service
  3. Can you elaborate in more detail on that statement so I can pass it along to my WISP? Why would QOS affect it that way? Is it truly limiting the speed of uploads or just appears so when doing speed tests? Why would another person NOT using any of their service be getting the same results on their end too? Since they seemed to not know about this setting or checking it, I assume it would be their service providers main pipe coming in to the WISP, Since they bypassed the transmitters and tested direct from their main office, would that mean it would be the QOS setting on their end, their s
  4. I have read several topics on this site about some users having trouble with valid tests showing correct results for their upload speeds. Most are not on a WISP but rather cable modem or DSL, so I need some feedback as to a possible cause. Here are the details. I have WISP because I'm in a very small rural area. We are VERY fortunate because it's the ONLY broadband available and took us nearly 8+ years to even get this service. My package with them is for 1.5Mbps but that's both download and upload. On my test results here, I am getting an accurate reading for the download, but the upload
  5. I was correct, the 48x accounts are better at this time and this may be why. Again, you get what you pay for. Here's a post from another forum on the subject explaining Starband working with their 48x account holders to improve things..... "They recently opend up a new subcluster on T-7 for 48x customers in an effort to get their speeds back up to where they should be. April will be a key month.....if they don't get things stabilized by the 2nd or 3rd week then there are more serious issues involved. Everything was going very very well right before the T-7 fiasco and the repoint
  6. Starband does not state any #,s just like Direcpc would not give any #,s in their FAP policy which is one reason they lost the class action lawsuit against them. Starband 484 has no FAP the 360 has a UPLOAD FAP of 500MB in a 7 day period. That is why they do not get sued for not having it in writing. Every service provider has this in their policy to cover them legally just in case they want to lower your speed which seams like they are doing with the DW 6000's. Perhaps Starband has recently began limiting some badwidth as well due to the crowding of space on their transponders avail
  7. Mr Ranger: You quote validation, yet don't post any validation links which is very strange. Also, you fail yet again to adress what type of account you have. Failing time and again to read my posts, I think it will be impossible to communicate with you further on this matter. I have always said 484 ACCOUNTS ONLY for the information I provided. Obviously you DO NOT have the 484 account which validates what I was saying about them not having the priority or speeds of many (not all) that do have 484 accounts. I have posted a request and will be talking with my friends soon about gettin
  8. Mr Ranger: You obviously didn't read my last post very close. I said a couple of those users were friends and I certainly TRUST them over you. So please refrain from making assumptions about the validity of the data I receive. Also, in regard to the money, a T1 would cost me $800 MONTHLY as I pointed out twice now. So the cost of equipment and $150/month service is CHEAP in comparison so I fail to see your point of the spending issue. Bottom line is your opinion is your own and I was just pointing out many are HAPPY with their service. But buy what you want where you want, it makes no dif
  9. I wanted to reply to my last post. Vern: It would seem like you could be a shill too given your stance on not believing and accusing somone when the facts are not known. In case you didn't read very clearly my last post, I mentioned Wild Blue. So, to go on record I don't care what you or anyone else buys, be it Starband, DirecWay, Wild Blue or company X. Buy whatever you choose and like and I'll do the same. What I was trying to point out is that I know 5 people with 484 Starband business accounts that are STILL getting excellent performance. I will ask for some test scores from
  10. I get a chucklle when I read comments like "stay away" with no details to back it up. It all depends upon what your options are and if you have none besides dial-up. Also, the exact same thing can be said about DirecWay according to some that aren't happy either. Bottom line is you must know what you are getting going into it and not expect it to be something it's not. Plus, a LOT depends upon the package you have. Both Starband and DirecWay have better performance with their most expensive package. Bottom line is that just like everything else you pay for what you get. Granted, satellite ISP
  11. Here's some info that may be of interest from another user: "I have no problem streaming but starband is updating T-7 sat and are overcrowd on GE-4,so some may be having some trouble. They are trying to move people from GE-4 to T-7 which is going to help. Also they should have a new sat just east of GE-4 by april." Starband, from what I've read on other sites, is one of the best out there and better than DirecWay due to their FAP policy. The most you can get with their SOHO package is 500MB, though up to 800MB can be had going through a VAR. Most people as a rule are more h
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