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  1. Hello, Thank you for reply CA3LE. I did not quiet understand what you mean by performed correctly. I just started to try streaming 3 weeks ago, so i do not know if i had the same issue before that. I am using Windows 10 pro and Google Chrome. I am not using Edge. I do not know what that is. When i test with internet explorer, same issue. My main problem with twitchtest: As you see i can use only 2mbps bandwidth for frankfurt. When i go to my friends home and try this i get 10mbps+. SO there is no issue with pc. Cables are fine. ISP is fi
  2. It still says:Your content will need to be approved by a moderator Is that why no one answers?
  3. Hello, I have 50 down / 20 up internet speed in Turkey. When i try to connect Twitch Frankfurt servers, i can only use 2mbit bandwidth. As you can see in results, my upload speed from testmy.net is 2 mbits which is connected by ethernet to my desktop pc. When i test it from my phone connected through wifi with same internet, testmy.net results are fine at the same servers(Frankfurt) I was blaming isp but i guess i should repair something on my pc. I tried with different ethernet cables. Same issue... I tried with my laptops wifi and ethernet cable. Same is
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