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  1. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 935 Kbps about 0.9 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 114 kB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Wed Mar 23 14:00:13 EST 2005 Bottom Line:: 17X faster than 56K 1MB download in 8.98 sec Diagnosis: Looks Great : 12.79 % faster than the average for host (direcpc.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-QKYD1JETH
  2. I have Direcway 6000 and have a Vonage phone router made by Linksys model # RT31P2. I get a speed of 900- 1400 for the most part on the down loads but when I up load i get a speed of 18 when connected to the router , I get a upload speed of 77 when directly connected to the modem . How do i get a good up load speed when connected to the router. any one with some setting ideas please reply, Ohh I tryed the LCCu file and that is a joke , it slowed me down even more. I have been on phone with Direcway , Linksys , they just keep sending me back and forth , I really think they should talk to each other and see what i have to go through , maybe there is a padded room for both of them
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