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  1. Got ya! But the main problem that the main provider are saying that my connection speed is up to 52Mbps and when I download anything from anywhere the download is going up to 1.3MB/s only. When I login to my modem, I can see that the current connection is 52Mbps! this is why I am asking if they can fake it. Never seen 6.25MB/sec lol. 1.3MB/s maximum.
  2. Ok, so what should I do to see the real speed?
  3. Hello Everyone, Can the internet connection provider fake the speed of internet? While I test the speed on Speedtest.com it gives a 45 to 52 Mbps for download. vs/ while I do the same test on Testmy.net the result is way different, 3Mbps!! And, in all cases, while I download any file from anywhere, the speed of download is up to 1.3MB/s. Any idea please? Ref attached. Thanks.
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