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    Vitorio reacted to tdawnaz in Difference Between Speed Test Sites?   
    TJS...where are your results for tmn...not sure why you are posting speedtest results here
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    Vitorio reacted to CA3LE in Difference Between Speed Test Sites?   
    Yeah, companies always get away with stuff in the fine print. The best we can really do is try to educate people on their practices and recommend ISPs with better practices. I just hope that the information here has and will continue to help make the internet a better (faster) place.

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    Vitorio reacted to Heeter in Difference Between Speed Test Sites?   
    Hi all,

    Wondering what is the difference between speed test sites. I test with testmynet, then speedtest.net at the results are not even in the same ballpark. Even though speedtest.net selects a speed test server in my city, This is still the internet, and the results should be a lot more comparable.

    Speedtest.net speed 24Mbps download/ Testmy.net speed 2.4Mbps download.

    Thanks all,

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