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  1. Been a while since I've been here and have an issue with getting 4.0 to W3K. I know, why didn't you do it years ago? 'cause I couldn't.... The scenario: Current situation is NT 4.0 domain on a DNS structure that disallows replication of DNS data to a new DNS server. The new environment will have DNS under W3K. I cannot upgrade a PDC on a different server because when I do, the server gives me a BSOD and have not been able to find a fix for it. MS has many suggestions.... but no answers. My real question is, will the following scenario succeed in getting a DC online with the NT 4.0 SIDs and computer accounts intact? Redisign: Bring up a W3K DC with AD on the new network with DNS Bring up an NT4 pdc on the new network, previously a bdc on the old network Set the DNS resolution on the pdc to the new dns server (static settings for the nt pdc for DNS, IP, etc.) Set the trusts and accesses recommended by Petrie between the nt and the new AD domain Migrate the user/computer account using ADMT Probably I need to add more info I haven't provided, but would this work theoretically?
  2. Yes, I did Google it and I trust Sophos evaluation. Do what you will.
  3. Sorry about the double post: This is the file in your hijackthis list related to my last post: O23 - Service: NOD32 Kernel Service (NOD32krn) - Eset - C:Program FilesEsetnod32krn.exe
  4. Have you run SpyBot and/or Lavasoft's AdAware? Got this hit from here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/NetMeter.exe-3644.html Will check some of the other entries..... Edit: This don't look so good: http://www.sophos.com/security/analyses/w32rbotaao.html I think you have a worm, which may be causing your shutdown issue.
  5. Never heard of that one... Not good to run without an anti-virus software.... Go here, download and run hijackthis then cut and paste the results in a post here. If you need help, let us know.
  6. You may want to consider having your cousin running Spybot, Lavasofts' Adaware, and Awido. All of which are free. I've found that there is no software program that cleans everything...
  7. Try going into safemode and running the hive cleanup. Edit: What anti-virus are you running?
  8. Hope this helps. Haven't been around TM for a bit. I haven't used ICS in a while, but the "host" system acts like a gateway (router, sort of). My concern is most proprietary software is very specific in the way it sends information based on the software writers impression of the networking enviroment the program is expected to work within .
  9. Give this a try: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582&displaylang=en
  10. "The onboard NIC is not in use. The PCI card is assigned to The device extender I need to hook up has an assigned address of .17. Would it be at all possible to make a crossover cable, plug the device extender into that unused NIC, and have the whole mess actually function. My main worry is configuration of that NIC and whether or not the rest of the network will be able to see that .17 address." You would need to use ICS and bridge the two nics, as suggested by rushonbye. The onboard nic would need an ip address assigned as well. As long as the ip addresses are static and there are no conflicts, there should be no problem with use of the .17 address. Theoretically, it may work. However, your computer will act as a "gateway" to the extender so alot of it depends on the software that needs to access the "extender". The extra hop to the extender would be my only concern, based upon using proprietary software. If the software expects the extender to be on the same LAN (not needing to go through a gateway), then it may not find the extender. It can't hurt to try, so long as any data being sent to the extender will not be lost if the connection cannot be found. This link may help with ICS setup: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/309642
  11. Me too.... Major issues with the changeover up here in Maine...... My speed is still running just about 1000 Kbps... Will address this down the road when things settle down..............Missin' Adelphia...... Never thought I'd ever write those words.......
  12. I suppose you could try bourbon, too..... One for me, one for the monitor, two for me..... :haha: I would think isopropyl or denatured would do the same. Wouldn't recommend it on an lcd monitor, though. I'd stick with a mild soap and water solution on a cotton cloth.
  13. Never dealt with TigerDirect but from what I've heard, they are pretty reasonable. Someone else may better answer this, though. Good luck!
  14. I'd suggest if you use windex, spray it on the cloth, not the monitor, whatever type of monitor you have......
  15. Here is a link what Soyo has to say on the PS required: http://www.soyousa.com/kb/kbdesc.php?id=39 Hope it helps!
  16. Here is a direct link to their web mail page. http://webmail.roadrunner.com/webedge For the user id, just use your id EG: tdawnez then enter your password. Do NOT use your full name as your id EG: [email protected] If it doesn't work then most likely your password needs to be changed. Mine did the same thing and whilst trying to get reconnected, i had them reset my password. Hope this helps!
  17. What is the make and model of the motherboard? Did you check with TigherDirect to see if they would replace just the power supply with one that is compatible with your motherboard? They should be able to look up the MoBo and see which is compatible.
  18. Are you trying to use the old Adelphia WM or the new TW web mail?
  19. Never had a Maxtor drive go to this point either. Been running two in my 98 machine for about 6 years now.
  20. I agree with ISPGeek on going with Seagate drives. Haven't had one die on me yet, which is more than can be said for WD drives in my workplace machines. If you can get a faster speed on the memory with little or no cost, I'd suggest doing it.
  21. I ran into this with Dell a couple of times. The language/accent barrier is a real issue. Some people have trouble understanding me if I'm not careful, because of my Maine accent.
  22. You may be right! The last time I called US Cellular, they charged me for calling their customer service line...
  23. Doomsday: That is way too much! Did they give you any sort of creidt on your bill for the trouble?
  24. I did not come out swinging, but if you wish, I will. Just let me know...... I never said the people I spoke with were incompetent. Quote: "It is fair to assume by your first rant about how incompetent the staff that you encountered were that you were probably not the nicest person to deal with." And to use your own words, "You don't know me from Adam" They, contrary to your assumption, were very helpful. The ineptness was pointed to the people who decided to provide poor customer service, whoever they are. The only assumption that could be gleaned about you from my response is that you may work for TW. You may or may not work for TW, but at least my assumption was partially correct.... But in your response, like before, the assumptions abound. All I can say is WOW! Quote: "It is also fair to assume since we get people like you all the time...who's first statement in the call is "I'm a network engineer...blah blah blah and you don't know what you're talking about" that you clearly have not been treating your customer service professionals with the respect they deserve".... "I sir have been an IT professional for 22 years 11 months and about 8 days (took me a bit to compute that..honestly I don't keep count normally), long before you were probably even a concept so please...do not lecture me about responsibilty of the company. I have created and managed more technical support departments than you can count on all your digits combined. The facts are you do not have even a glimmer of a concept of what it takes to convert a cable based network of this size...in your wildest of dreams you will never work on such a network most likely." You can directly flame me all you wish, but your argument has no standing on the issue of providing poor customer service, such as TW did concerning this implementation. The way you try to diminish the real issue by attacking me in your latest response astounds me, since you have been in this business for 22+ years. I'm sorry, but I do not like to be "set straight" by anyone who uses personal attacks such as that you have just written. And by the way, I would not want to work on such a network, since I would just be one of the faceless millions.
  25. Try the largest download speed test here and see if you have the same problem getting the test file from testmy then report results. Also, clear your temporary internet files and cookies (ignore this if someone already suggested this...)
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