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  1. First time posting but I need help.... I have a HN7000S system and am on the home user plan. My new camera is showing a super grainy image - no matter what IM software I use. I'm also looking for any help with speed improvement as I work from home online. Will changing to the Pro or another plan give me any speed improvement or just a larger FAP limit? Please - any & all help is appreciated. I've got tons of work and I'm really needing more speed.
  2. New member, but year-long lurker here and I'm needing quick advice.. I just decided to upgrade on the suggestion of both Hughes and my repairman, but after reading a couple posts on here am thinking of cancelling my upgrade order. Here's my story...it's a long one, sorry!!! I have been using a used DW4000 without a contract for about a year now.. Have had some transmitter trouble a couple times, once just recently and so I've just gotten a new (refurbished) transmitter arm last week. Pretty confident that neither HughesNetUpper Level Tech Support nor the Satellite repair guy reall
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