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  1. OK - I have now discovered how not to waste everyone's time - I do apologise profusely!! All MY fault. Turns out there was a date range in the results options and that was what was causing the trouble. My bad - once again, sincere apologies. Thanks to everyone who looked in, best, A
  2. Now here's a strange thing - I've been doing the earlier tests via Chrome, over the weekend I used Firefox, today I've used Chrome again - my latest results don't show up on Chrome but just switched that off and switched on Firefox and lo and behold all My Results carried out via Chrome are visible. Go figure? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, A
  3. Help please. I'm new to this site and have been testing various sim cards on my router to check which provider is most consistant with LTE service and as of today there is a glitch. I've run some individual tests and started an automatic test and none of the results have been logged. My Results only show tests I completed two days ago and none of today's tests. I've logged in and out to see if that changed anything but no joy. Any ideas as to what's wrong? Thanks in advance, A
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