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  1. Hey Guys - I appreciate the feedback and suggestions. I'll definitely try the VPN trick if I continue having issues. Around a week ago I started having much better results, and apart from a few hiccups it has been relatively steady and around 80 Mbps. I had them schedule a technician to come out (they didnt come to my house like I thought they would... but instead must have came and done work in the area / development). We called and were told they had to adjust an amplifier that was impacting about 15 customers, so I'm guessing our entire development. Don't have much more info other than that
  2. Hello, I've been having some major issues with my internet for the past few months, between regular drops, large packet loss, much lower speeds, multiple hour downtimes, etc. They actually reattached the wire to my house a few months ago, as well as installed a new node (i think?) in the area - something that was supposed to increase the bandwidth in the area. The issues started a few months back when they upgraded the node, but my ISP has since been taken over by another company. I'm on a 100/10 plan. Attached are all of my testmy.net speed test results over the past
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