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  1. This is pure speculation, but I think somebody came home early....
  2. When is the last time you updated your nic drivers? U running at 10 or 100 full duplex. Also, to increase your range try the 7 gain linksys antennas. Also, for some good info on linksys routers go to the link below: http://www.linksysinfo.org/
  3. Take a quick look at this post might help. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.msg100479#msg100479
  4. install the cd and let the computer boot off it. Then do a system repair? Its worth a try. I had a similar problem and this helped.
  5. What are you running your NIC at? Try setting it at 10 full duplex if its set at 100 full duplex. Alternatively, try unintalling your NIC driver and reinstalling it. These drivers become corrupt over time. Further, when is the last time you updated your NIC driver?
  6. Do you have the original XP Pro cd?
  7. We all need to start listing to men like this. We need to question and think about what our government is doing. javascript:cnnVideo('play','/video/world/2006/01/31/sot.galloway.iraq.affl','2006/02/07');
  8. I created several ISO images of my son's game and I use Daemon tools as the emulator. I discovered the emulator copy protections will not work with iso images. Therefore when trying to load the game it ask for the proper cd-rom! Does anybody know why? Thanks, compuworm
  9. testmy.net is becoming mediocre! Where the hell is the relevance of this post(s)?
  10. Eventually you will purchase online. Most things like bank forms are secure what they don't tell you is if your account is pilfered it is most likely due to your computer being infested by a virus, trojan or whatever. I read about several small business operators who worried about entering information into online banking forms but the bank officials told them the forms where absolutely secure. Again , what they didn't tell them was if their computers became infected then entering information into the online banking forms could be had by hackers. Eventually, they lost thousands of dollars because a keylogging program on their systems recorded information as it was being typed into the secure bank forms. Yes, the courts sided wit the banks and the banks never paid back the money and those small business owners learned a valuable lesson: security starts at home>
  11. Just try uninstalling your NIC driver. Reboot and the driver will reinstall. Lets see what this does for you.
  12. Have you clicked on any of the links in the scam email? The web pages that come up are so real. I could not tell the difference between them and the real thing.
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