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  1. The space industry as other industries is affected by pandemic today, but the production of rockets is developing. Scotland's young space company has yet another success with a larger and more advanced european micro launcher prototype which flies nearly 27 km altitude.
  2. The rover has been operating much longer than its planned 90 sols (Martian solar days). Thanks to the solar panels being cleaned by the natural wind of Mars, power generation has increased significantly, which is why Spirit continued to function effectively for a long time, eventually significantly exceeding its planned life. Spirit traveled 7.73 km instead of the planned 600 m, which made it possible to make more extensive analyzes of the geological rocks of Mars.
  3. They will spend even more money in the future for useless Moon or Mars investigation till they realize it is possible to colonize none of the planets in the open space. Maybe they know it already. As for me, it is better to pay attention to keep life on the Earth safe as long as possible.
  4. NASA has lots of contracts with different companies on back to space mission so I guess the amount will be divided between them.
  5. Using data from a project to search for dark energy, astronomers have discovered more than 300 trans-Neptunian objects - minor planets located in remote corners of the solar system. Among them there are more than 100 previously unknown objects.
  6. These clouds are a relatively rare atmospheric phenomenon, extremely rarefied clouds, arising in the mesosphere under the mesopause (at an altitude of 76-85 km above the Earth's surface) and visible in deep twilight. Observed in the summer months at latitudes between 43 ° and 65 ° (north and south latitude). It was possible to prove that similar phenomena take place on other planets, in particular, on Mars.
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