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  1. Like I sead I have not had or used HughesNet service, I have been using my cell phone hot spot & my phone for internet. Still waiting on HughesNet to come fix me service problem.
  2. Well they suck plus expensive & wish I was told of the installation charge before installing. I would have looked around for other service providers but I trusted ATT since had my service with them for years
  3. Hughes Net was the provider I was sent to from ATT & I was with ATT for years but moved to the country & was told ATT didn't provide service in my address
  4. I signed up with you guys since ATT didn't have service out here & all bad from there. I was charged $99 installation + $70 monthly, WoW had I been told this I would NOT have switched just got told was going to be $70 month. I haven't had internet service since I got it 1 week ago just using my phone hot spot so why am I going to be charged for again????? This internet service sucks
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