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  1. if i may add a little advice,lol i know this has been solved but i wish to add if you check your constrain proportion when you resize the image it stops it from warping n looking stretched or squashed,
  2. almost every min im awake,lol. or not trying to see my kid or actually spending time with my kid, i got into abit of a situation 2 years ago which landed me a nice drug habbit, few days in jail lose of house me n my fiance where buying and then i lost her she left me, for my best m8 who lives 2 houses up my street from me with my ex n kid, im not allowed there and am lucky to see my kid once a week. so to me the net n photoshop is bout the only thing keeping me from doing something silly n heading back for a good 4yr jail vacation, so god bless photoshop the net n give me self control so i dont got back to jail for assult
  3. hi all, im new to this internet speed stuff but get asked alot of questions bout my bandwidth n upoad speed, is it 8 or 12 somethings, so i hope tp learn heaps n my speed test results got a 1/1/2 stars i take it that is dissapointing, how can i inprove this?
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