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  1. Where did that go? Maybe it was never here! Your search returned zero results. You searched for... I always get this message when I look for the logged results. I'm desperately trying to figure out what my average results are; what fraction of the bandwidth I'm paying for am I actually receiving. Only realistic way of doing this is to run a text every X minutes for a long period of time and see some aggregated results. But, I don't see any results at all. What's going wrong?
  2. I haven't gotten TestMy.Net to work in running a periodic test such as every 10 minute every day. I'm getting e-mails each time I manually invoke a test. So, the best access I have to the results of my test are the e-mails. Rather than open each e-mail to see the medium speed number it would be much easier to just look at a list of e-mail subject lines and see the key results. I'm interested in testing 3 different internet services in 3 houses in the same neighborhood. Someone else might be interested in testing three rooms in one house on a single network. I've created multiple user-IDs and switch user-IDs when I switch houses. If I could sort my TestMy.Net e-mails by time and subject then I could scan the subject lines and see how each house's internet service is performing. The three houses have different service levels: 30Mb; 50Mb and 200 Mb. So, I should see markedly different actual speeds. Theoretically, I'd expect to see that the same ISP is over-rating each service level by about the same amount; suppose 50%. So, I'd expect actual speeds for the three services clustered in the vicinity of 15 Mb, 25 Mb and 100 Mb. But, what if the ISP is not performing to my theoretical expectation? Suppose for each User-ID I could specify my nominal nominal service level: 30; 50; 200. Then, TestMy.Net could divide my actual medium-test result by the nominal service level. Perhaps I'd discover that the nominal 30 Mb service is delivering 20 Mb at medium speed; the 50 Mb service is delivering 25 Mb and the 200 Mb service is delivering 80 Mb. I'd then know that paying up for a higher service level is giving me less speed for the incremental cost; probably a bad bargain. I'd be able to see that easily if the %-of-nominal-service level also appeared in the subject line.
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