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  1. Well, you were all right about my connection speed--I am well within a reasonable range. I said 'file share' only because I didn't know the word TORRENT until today! That's one more word I understand in this crazy new world, and I will learn them all!! Any suggestions is easy English as to what exactly to do when I have downloaded a torrent and there are 15 files all the same size and maybe one or two that seem close but yet a bit different? I mean, say we're talking about a movie, what do I do to those files after my torrent has finished downloading to actually see the download? I
  2. I hadn't actually thought of the charmer in question as a sexual being... Much like an accident on the freeway that you feel compelled to look at as you drive by, I now can't seem to turn my head from the scene of that picture you mentioned! Well, that should make it easy not to want a piece of the birthday cake being served right now in the conference room! His real problems grow from his insecurity, and he is insecure because he knows himself to be a fraud and is forever in fear of being found out. Seems the stress of living a lie 24/7 has this fool him stressed out and defensiv
  3. I am so glad that all of you are so nice! Thank you! Thank you! Not ONE of you scared me off in the least! Your answers were, naturally, right on, and when I checked to see if my numbers were in line with others' test results, something I might have done BEFORE posting my plea I was indeed communicating at a respectable enough speed all along. But it seemed so slow, REALLY S-L-O-W, so I bit the bullet, closed my eyes when I clicked "POST" and I actually ASKED FOR HELP!! The ability to ask for help with a computer issue was a skill I used to use without a problem. Recently, howe
  4. If there is anyone who can find some pity in their heart for my obvious lack of understanding, I would be ever so thankful! I fear that I am in over my head here, though it is really more of a language issue than it is anything else. There are whole volumes worth of new terms that I am still trying to learn which adds a level of difficulty to learning the ins-and-outs of this brave new-to-me world of file-sharing. To be honest, at 34 years old, I feel decades too old to start learning this kind of thing now! But this stuff DOES intrest me, and I am anxious to get my hands on all the in
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