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  1. when do you wanna try and beat me...please please please, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  2. alright awesome...add me "always later"
  3. i dont have it anymore, friend still has it.. lets play madden homie.
  4. blizoop


    i'm strictly madden...dunno which game to get next?!
  5. Hello hello once again. ...was wondering if we have any Madden (2005) Online players lurking around? If so...what is your "persona" name on the game, I'd love to whoop you up. =P haha...no but seriously.
  6. ...or atleast something like that
  7. lol i'd rather ask a girl to just make a movie, much easier...plus i'd rather see an amateur...lol
  8. lol i totally didn't. when i registered i chose this one, before i ever knew of you!! calm yourself, not everyone wants to be like you =X
  9. lol why we changing our icons to mine & disturbed's? i chose this icon when i registered for my account, is this a problem?
  10. eh...thanks for all your help i convinced my mom into giving up the password. ...so lesson learned? set your password yourself so no one else can. ...funny thing was, i was thinking of doing it and was like nahh, not needed. but turns out i should of. anyway, i did now and thats that. thanks for all the help
  11. wont they say something to my parents?
  12. they decided to set a password because i have friends over often, and they think they'll order bad movies and crap, which they wont cause my room is all wired up and they dont know what does what. none the less, they set a pin number for certain channels -- showtime, hbo, etc... surely there has to be a master password right?
  13. okay my parents decided to be stupid, and not trust me. ..im freakin 18. ......anyway, i was wondering if anybody knows how to get the "lock" off of certain channels for digital cable. No I don't watch porn, nor do i wish to. It's just annoying trying to watch movies and crap. So if anybody could help; this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. hey thanks...are you sure there's nothing more for me to do? ...lol surely you are right, but I figured since everybody else was doing it; so could i. *baby voice end* ....anyway, thanks if thats all ... thats it. Thank YOU very much sir.
  15. okay so before i posted as a good new user, i looked around at other posts and such, i downloaded the cable nut program and used the "default" settings provided by cable nut. anyway, i did see an increase, and was wondering if we could get this better. before: download stats :: 4001 Kbps or 488 Kb/sec download authentication link: https://testmy.net/id-12730QZSL *sorry didnt save the full thing and, after: :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 4128 Kbps about 4.1 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB) Download Speed is:: 504 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/
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