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  1. I'm sorry everyone I called Rogers and they said that it was their fault, though I already called once before and they said that everything was fine. So sorry for causing trouble
  2. resetting the modem wont work. Same thing happens after. And I have downloaded the spyware program and updating it so I can use it. It takes a while. Thanks everyone your all such a great help ^^
  3. yes i have tried connecting my modem to the pc and the same problem appears. So it's not my router i guess.
  4. thz tommie. But I called the people that manage my internet connection and they say nothing is wrong. But when i try downloading a file, it stops in the middle and stops the internet again T.T I clean up my drives sometimes to make space but it's still not working. I reboot my router too and nothing changes. Internet connection is fine, just downloading messes things up. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. eh I'm no good at this but yes I do run off a SMC router.
  6. I'm having problems with downloading from the internet. Everytime I try downloading a file, it works for a while, and stops in the middle and my whole internet just stops working. The lights on the modem are all still online though =S anyone know what the problem is?
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