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  1. Just stumbled upon this very worthy thread. The cancer site is one of six tabs. All very important. I hope everyone is taking a few seconds to click each tab. That site and Ecology Fund are my home tabs. Keep up the good work friends.
  2. You either got infected with something or something in the registry is corrupt. You could do a System Restore if you knew the approximate date the problem started. There is a way to do a repair on Win7 in order not to lose any documents, photos, etc. I've done it twice so far, because I experiment a lot, and it works completely. Just put in the disk and go through the regular process and chose the upgrade option.. Let it get all the updates when asked. You won't lose anything this way except some visual settings. Good luck.
  3. I also run Comodo Firewall and am very impressed with it. Had AVG Free but after trying Comodo Anti-Virus, which caught a "net worm/trojan" which AVG didn't, I switched. These two products are awesome and now are residing on both computers plus a few of my friends. I highly recommend them along with their other products.
  4. I voted on Tuesday just as I have done since Carter v Ford. Never a straight party ticket, always for the best person. Not real happy with the results but I am hoping this change will work out for the best. God Bless America!
  5. I can't even imagine speed at that level. If you don't mind me asking, what is the contract price?
  6. Thank you for the welcome. As time permits I am trying to become more active on the boards I have joined. I visit here every morning for a speed test. Most accurate on the net. My avatar was made by a friend on a now defunct site and I use variations of it everywhere. It has special meaning to me.
  7. Not using IE7 yet but ctfmon.exe was added into the startups when I installed Office 2003. Did a lot of research on it and it seems to be trusted when it is where it is supposed to be.
  8. Reading stories such as this, you truly have my sympathies, is what made me purchase an external hard drive this year. I do regular backups of music, documents and files on both computers. Saved my butt a couple of times due to very young children experimenting on the keyboard.
  9. I was told by my doctor there really is no such thing. There is only average rationality based upon both subjective and objective observation. But I know how you feel looking at something you don't like. For example...my wife...very displeasing to the optical nerves. I'm sure your problem shall be corrected soon. Mine shall be a life-long agony. BTW, I like the Halloween theme and the American one is awesome.
  10. Thank you for the welcome Roco and tommie gorman. Had no problem with the link, download or install. Everything went very smooth. 9.c is the latest.
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