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  1. So I understand, you are saying it is okay to use TCP Optimizer?
  2. Not sure I understand what you are saying. Someone posted that someone died and I was wondering about the website for "Where are you located" is down.
  3. Thank you for the quick and polite reply. Do you think using NortonLifeLock 360 with VPN and Utilities Premium will hurt using the TCP?
  4. How updated is this now? Live in WI and getting tests from TX.
  5. Is this good? When I received the results it had 5 stars. Minimum☨ 17.48 Mbps : 19.21 Mbps Average☨ [show Median] 18.9 Mbps : 20.05 Mbps Maximum☨ 22.13 Mbps : 20.26 Mbps
  6. HI I am in Wisconsin.
  7. Is there any way to find out good and bad of a local provider?
  8. Wondering if I need the TCP Optimizer as I have Windows 10 and use NortonLifeLock 360 with Premium Utilities?
  9. Used hughesnet years ago and found them not to be reliable. Now have buried laser cable from ISP and use VPN. For my home it was worth the slight increase in monthly payments. Not sure what you can get in your area.
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