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  1. Yup, i would say it is much better. My advertised speed is 2Mbps
  2. Thanks for the help dude. I have read that thread and i'm clean and optimized as far as i can tell. I'll try the 1.5 and 3 settings and see what happens
  3. Uh guys, I know I'm a noob but i could really use some help.
  4. Just one more question. This section has me wondering Your PC/Workstation has a 250.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to 1.47 Mbps The network based flow control limits the throughput to 1.48 Mbps Client Data reports link is 'T1', Client Acks report link is 'T1' Server Data reports link is '10 Gig', Server Acks report link is 'T1' Does this mean my ISP is capping me at 1.48Mbps?
  5. Oh, additional information WEB100 Kernel Variables: Client: localhost/ AckPktsIn: 422 AckPktsOut: 0 BytesRetrans: 0 CongAvoid: 0 CongestionOverCount: 0 CongestionSignals: 0 CountRTT: 422 CurCwnd: 257004 CurMSS: 1452 CurRTO: 2200 CurRwinRcvd: 256000 CurRwinSent: 5840 CurSsthresh: 2147483647 DSACKDups: 0 DataBytesIn: 0 DataBytesOut: 1443288 DataPktsIn: 0 DataPktsOut: 994 DupAcksIn: 0 ECNEnabled: 0 FastRetran: 0 MaxCwnd: 257004 MaxMSS: 1452 MaxRTO: 2210 MaxRTT: 1940 MaxRwinRcvd: 256000 MaxRwinSent: 5840 MaxSsthresh: 0 MinMS
  6. I've been killing myself for weeks trying to get my connection optimized and i'm glad i found this site. My speed as claimed by my ISP is 2.2Mbps but I'm not getting anything near it. I'm using Win XP SP2, My ISP is PLDT MyDSL in the Philippines, I''ve done a full virus scan with kasp[ersky 6 and a spywaare scan with ad-aware and I'm clean. I've already installed Cablenut and am using the config for MSS 1452 and DSL PPPoE 2000 384. My connection should be 2200 512 but there doesnt seem to be a config file for it and I'm guessing that might be the problem. Any help or suggestions would be
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