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  1. Thanks That is one way I haven't tried yet. Will check when I'm back at the office. Thanks.
  2. Hi AenionRex, The laws here are from the 20th century, no obligation for transparency what so ever. I've asked but "no one knows". Then I confronted them with independant measurements of speedtests, compared their results to different local isp's, and compared their own ookla speedtest servers to impartial speedtest servers (with significant differences in performance of course), but still no clear answers on how that is possible, only denial. So, I' m back to my original question. Are there any tools that can detect and proof bandwidth throttling?
  3. Hello, I live in Suriname, South America. We have 3 national ISP's of which 2 make use of a shared connection on the Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System (SGSCS) I suspect one of them of Throttling the bandwidth somewhere between the sea cable landing and the end-points. The other one is doing just fine in regards of bandwidth tot the end-points. Is there any way or tool to measure and proof my suspicion?
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