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  1. Hi everyone, I am using Qwest DSL, it is pretty nice, 1536kbps down 896kbps up. Bandwidth wise it is fine, even under speed tests, all my server hardware is fine as well, it is just that this DSL in my area (my freinds have the exact same plan and are trying to host some servers up too), has high ping. We are all getting pings of no less than 100-110ms which is a little high if we are going to get serious about our servers. The average is around 80ms or so, and some really good servers down to 60ms. We are on the same Qwest CO or hub or whatever, our IP's are the same except for the last 3 digits, and even when we connect to each others servers we get pretty high pings. Just curious, is this a factor of Qwest itself or is there something we can do to optimize that? Thanks a bunch.
  2. Exactly what I said, just that one wrong makes that second wrong a wee bit easier. Either way, it doesn't matter at all, after pretty much the first post I decided not to uncap anyway so all this debate on ethics is fairly pointless.
  3. Well, hey I know two wrongs don't make a right, but when I feel someone is stealing from me, I have less problems stealing from them. Just about everyone I know that has Qwest is getting 1.5 for 26.99 a month while I am forced to pay 36.99 a month for 256k, just because switching my service to the 1.5 for 26.99 would mean I have to drop my phone line completely. Either way, you can see I pretty much gave up on the cap limit raising idea pretty much past the first post as I don't even feel completely comfortable doing it, I am at least going to try and get the most out of what I have.
  4. Ok, after I did it: Test1: Down: 221 Up: 216 Test2: Down: 220 Up: 214
  5. Aww man, for a broadband forum you would think it would download faster than 1.4Kbps. Oh, well its ok considering my slow ass DSL has a maximum download speed of 2.1Kbps anyway. lol j/k Oh, whoops I had a download going in the background, thats why.
  6. Cool, thanks for the replies everyone! I ran two tests, here are my results: Test 1: Down: 218kbps Up: 215kbps Test 2: Down: 220kbps Up: 214kbps I will screw around with TCP optimizer in a bit and run two more!
  7. Awsome, thanks. I might take some before and after speed tests and see how it goes. Also, I found something called Cablenut, it looks like it does pretty much the same thing. Would you guys recomend it or is TCP Optimizer the way to go?
  8. Agreed, that is why I am happy to see another forum folding! Anyway, currently I am folding for T32, overclockers.com, but I love to help out any good site I am part of that has a FAH team, so if I get permission to run it on that computer lab, I definitely will get a few rigs going for you guys too!
  9. Thanks for the welcome and the reply! I have been reading some other threads around the forum and it does appear that some people have been tweaking their broadband to get faster speeds. From what I heard, if you use one of their own configs for a faster service that THEY offer, they won't detect it? I am not sure, I am a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff. If even that is quite risky, is there any sort of tweak I can do to at least get my advertised 256/256?
  10. Looks like an awsome forum you guys have here! Glad to be a member so far! Hell, any forum with a Folding team is awsome IMO. If I wasn't so into my old team I would definitely join and help out. I might be getting a 50 computer lab soon with 3.2GHz HT p4's. If I get it, I'll toss maybe 5-10 on to your team number!
  11. Ok, here is the story, I only have two broadband options in my area. One is Comcast, which unless I get the entire package deal (which I can't afford), is 52.99 a month (which I can't afford either). My other option is Qwest, which is what I have. I am currently paying 32.99 a month for 256Kbps down and 256Kbps up DSL. Currently for new users and 2 year commitment plans WITH QUALIFYING HOME PHONE PACKAGES, they offer 1.5Mbps/800something, and even 3-5/800something at 26.99! Here is the catch, I have a metered phone service that is really cheap (I hardly use the phone at all) and Qwest wants to get rid of it, so I can't really switch any of my stuff around. I am completely stuck with this 256/256 that is realistically more like 210/210. What I am wondering, is since Qwest has been making a fortune off of me for 2 years now while offering everyone else faster services for cheaper, I don't feel any ethical issues with upping my speed myself. Is it possible to get one of Qwest's own configs for, perhaps their 1.5/800whatever service to raise the cap on my DSL modem without getting caught? It isn't about ripping off everyone else by getting something insane like 8Mbps speeds, I just need a little faster download and upload. If anyone has any info or advice on what I can do, that would be great. Thanks.
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