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  1. hi mudmanc4 thanks for replying me .... actually i 1st time to configuration it.i sa the manunal still not understand it ,i have connect to line CO1 and jack01 i can incoming call but i can not call out, normaly it need to set the keyphone " Press 9" and continus the following number,ever that i also dont know where to set it up .. did u got sample for the kx-tes824 model ? cos i using the computer setting it i mean if u have this model configuration sample by computer
  2. hi all , Did anyone know panasonic KX-TES824 advanced hybrid system(NEW). i just buy it ,i got the manual still dont know how to set/configura. can anyone teach me step by step thank you very much
  3. now a day got any motherboard does not have the integrated graphics, so i can put the graphic card myself
  4. the asus motherboard which model is not integrated graphics ?
  5. hi all~~ how to setup the pc dell optiplex gx270 to dual monitor on window 2000 pro?can use onboard display and AGP graphics card ? tech me step by step ... thanks very much...
  6. thanks you very much .....j7n and mudmanc4
  7. hi all... i got question about access point configuration .... access point it can be set the time limit got user login ? eg : set the AP time limit is 30min after it will be disconnect by AP if anyknow it can tech me how to do ? or the brand AP which can do that configuration or the normal AP can do that time limit ?
  8. thanks mud~~~~ the user now just using the tray 1 but i have try many way ,the stack pass still can not use always show the "load correct paper " thanks alot your help n idea~~
  9. i got service manual ... u want ? but i also do factory reset still same
  10. Hi all, anyone know about copier IR2420L my issue is copy or printing using stack bypass away show " Load Correct Paper " when copy or printing using tray 1 is fine no error But i have setting the paper is correct ever i reset the copier IR2420L still same problem show " load correct paper " when i copy or printing using stack bypass thank for your help~~
  11. thanks mudmanc4 solve the color not clear cos the lens are lossing ones screw now fit that another problem now like need to align... i try the calibration ,aligment,still same i att the pic can not fix same location . so have any manual aligmient for it ? nevemind of that problem it fix alrady ~~~ thanks you all helping ~~~~
  12. hi all~~ the printer self-test demo aslo same(18012014546.jpg).i have try calibration color still same problem. last i try the restore defaults still same any idea of it ??? if anyone know how to manual adjustment color (main drive ass'y)Q6455-MAINDR pls teach how ....ths~~
  13. hi all ~~~ i fix the problem .....thanks for the help
  14. hi all~~~ anyone know how to alignment color the MFP cm1415fn ? From the cm1415fn service manual did not that configuration ..... pls help ~~~~ thanks all~~~~
  15. hi all... what the software can block or control other computer to access the internet anytime ? thanks
  16. mudm hahaha can not do that ~~~ but i found the problem change NEW ORG TONER .... now working good thankls~~~
  17. hi all~~ i need help of this problem of my printer phaser 3124 attach the pic . the attention light blinking red . i try clear the all paper jam, vacum ,cleaning ,when put the paper in the tray the light blinking red . but still can printing .. does anyone know how to fix this problem "? thanks ~~~
  18. thanks u all ...... i also cant find it
  19. hi all ..... did anyone know how to reset canon mx426 waste ink counter or tools ?
  20. hi all ~~ i have the topField TF3000CIP pro ,i loss the all channel .... how to i setting back the channel ~~ thankx all~
  21. hi all~~ where i can find the service manual for this printer officejet k86000 thank for your help~~~
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