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  1. I've used it today and the results are all better than before, in both places. The upload differential is still the same, no matter what I use, but I was rather expecting that. I figure I won't get true full bandwidth until I get somewhere that I can use Fiber.
  2. Good day! I've been having problems with my ISP of late, and I know the bandwidth tests I run on their preferred site is always different from here, but today is an especially divergent day. While checking my connection her Is was getting 8.6 mbps down and about the same up. When I check theirs (wifiman.com) it says 102-112 mbps down and 20 up. Now, the upload speed is almost always different to that degree. I have almost never seen my full upload speed on TestMy.net but theirs will show it all day long. I've already spoken with their tech support multiple times but they say it's working fine. Okay, I've somewhat moved on from that. The issue today is the drastic difference in download speed. I've done a single connection point test through wifiman and then one here. There is a 100 mbps difference between the two... Any ideas?
  3. I'm just wanting to get a little info and maybe some help. I have a line-of-sight ISP that just upgraded my hardware and plan to 200/20 mbps (trust me, it's a major improvement or is supposed to be). My understanding is that there is a general consensus that ISPs like to use speedtest sites preferential to them. My current situation is this: Ookla and the site my ISP likes to use (wifiman.com) report close enough to full speed but testmy.net and speedcheck.org report the down speed only less by about 10-20 mbps and upload is maxing around 6.5 mbps. On here it doesn't matter if it's multithread or not, upload speed is not impacted. Am I just not getting my upload speed, or could there be an issue with my location and uploading to testmy?
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