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  1. Actually I forgot to mention that according to my uncle, Embarq was set to expand dsl into my area early in 2007, but it got dropped because of budget issues. blah... I don't think they'd have to lay new lines where I'm at. I think we already have fiber optic lines down my road (at least the orange and white marker at my driveway says so).
  2. This is my first post here, so hi everybody. Man those are some sweet speeds, I can only get 1.5 Mb Wildblue where I live. I've even thought about moving to the nearest place that Fios is or will be available. I mean, really... I have an uncle who works at Embarq, our local phone provider, and he's been pushing for dsl to expand into our area for years now, but apparently they'd rather focus on those who have broadband already...
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