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  1. The stuff i'm posting is for an ISP in NY not RR. On vacation right now so i've been using my pc remotely and having my roommate do stuff.
  2. I'm confused about my upload speeds compared to speed tests, what it says it is, and what I actually get. What it's supposed to have: up to 5mbit upload What tests say: 377 KB/sec transfer rate (just one I copied and pasted but varies from 400s to high 300s) What I get: Individual file sends max out around 80-100KB/sec but I can send multiple sends to the same person for a total of 380-400KB/sec of bw. Why don't the sends max out individually? I came up with the idea that individual sends could be capped by the ISP, but then wouldn't bw test results come up capped as well? Is this a common thing?
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