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  1. Does this not work? I mean, if someone has been through it already and has posted a fix that may be the solution, why not give it a shot?
  2. svchost.exe stresses the cpu when looking for updates. It's a common thing and is very noticeable on single core cpu's. It also uses a hefty amount of RAM when doing so. Normally, if you have updates set to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them", it performs the task when you first boot up your system. If you have updates set to "Install updates automatically (recommended)", it checks on boot up as well as the schedule you have specified. Note: Be sure that the process isn't scvhost.exe (notice it's scv not svc). I was infected with that virus before and just decided to format/fresh install. It was very annoying and hard to get rid of.
  3. I knew you wouldn't stop until you got it. Nice one.
  4. Need more validation links so users with results in the ORB can compare properly. My Compare URL: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=1198068 Very nice results Van. Your processor & graphics card are a monster match up. You'll be hitting 11K before the day is over with. Thxz for the link. Don't know if my results will improve with the extra gig of ram I put in. Guess I'll OC and test soon.
  5. I don't think the bios settings will help as your Nvidia AGP card is working fine at 8x already. Nothing would have to be changed to switch to a new card. Well, possibly the AGP Aperture Size if you're going from 128MB of GDDR SDRAM to 512MB, but that wouldn't affect installing a new card as it's a performance setting. The X1650Pro was the first card you tried on the fresh install of Windows correct? Also, do you have all of your Windows updates? Although I've only received the vga error when my chipset drivers were not installed, .Net Framwork is required for installing AMD/ATI's Catalyst Control Center.
  6. Before reading below, can you download the attachment, extract it, and run it. The Intel
  7. Actually, Blunted, there is. I need the exact manufacturer/model of the motherboard? Are you use Everest to detect hardware?
  8. Normally, that would indicate that your chipset drivers are not properly installed. What are your exact system specs?
  9. Great setup bryan. Very neat & Clean. Your future gaming/server rig is going to be sweet. I have a feeling that you are going to change your mind on the 7300 GT before the final build. What are your current specs?
  10. Welcome back solidsnake! If you're not sure about the processor type, try the application from the following link to identify it. It's free. See here: http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=19088.msg216497;topicseen#new
  11. Since 1996 PC WIZARD is among the most advanced system information programs on the market. PC WIZARD 2007 is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It's able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually once per month) in order to provide most accurate results. PC WIZARD 2007 is also an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, Cache performance, RAM performance, Hard Disk performance, CD/DVD-ROM performance, Removable/FLASH Media performance, Video performance, MP3 compression performance. PC WIZARD 2007 can be distributed freely (ftp, archives, CD-ROMs ...). Hardware Information [#]Mainboard / Bios (Connectors, ID String, MP Support ...) [#]Chipset (FSB Frequency, Norhtbridge, Hub, Direct Media Interface, XMB, NSI, ...) [#]Main Memory (FPM, EDO, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR-2 SDRAM, RDRAM, FB_DIMM, Timings ...) [#]Cache Memory (L1, L2, L3, Size, Frequency ...) [#]Processors (Type, Speed, Multiplier coeff., Features, Model Number, Vanderpool Technology ...) [#]Coprocessor [#]APM & ACPI [#]Busses : ISA, PCI, AGP (2x, 4x,8x), SMBus/ i2c, CardBus, Firewire, Hyper-Transport ... ) [#]DMI / SMBIOS [#]Mainboard Sensors, Processor, Hard Disk & Battery (Voltage, Temperature, Fans) [#]Video (Monitor, Card, Bios, Capabilities, Memory, Integrated Memory, Frequencies ...) [#]OpenGL & 3Dfx [#]DirectX (DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound (3D), DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectInput, DirectX Media) [#]Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick [#]Drives (Hard Disk, Removable, CD-ROM, CDRW, DVD ...) [#]SCSI (Card, Controller, Adapter, Devices ...) [#]ATA/ATAPI & S-ATA (Devices, Type, Capabilities, S.M.A.R.T. Features, RAID) [#]Ports (Serial, Parallel, USB, IEEE-1394) [#]IDE & SCSI Devices [#]Twain & WIA Devices [#]PCMCIA (PC Card) Devices [#]Bluetooth Devices [#]Sound Card (wave, midi, aux, mix, AC'97 codec, High Definition Audio) [#]Printers (Local & Network) [#]Modem (Features, Speed ...) [#]Network (Server, Connexion, Firewall ...) [#]Security (Scan Ports ...) [#]PocketPC & SmartPhone Devices System Information [#]MCI Devices (mpeg, avi, seq, vcr, video-disc, wave) & ACM [#]SAPI [#]Passwords (Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Dialup ...) [#]MSN Password Recovery [#]DOS Memory (base, HMA, UMB, XMS, EMS, DPMI, VCPI) [#]Windows Memory [#]Windows (Version, Product Key, Environment, Desktop, XP Themes ...) [#]Windows UpTime (Boot, Shutdown, BlueScreen, System Restore Points ...) [#]TrueType & OpenType Fonts [#]WinSock (Internet), Telephony et Remote Access [#]OLE (Objects, Servers ...) [#]Microsoft
  12. My acrylic case in the very first post is full of dust now. It looks terrible. When I decide to get completely new hardware, I'm going to dismantle it, clean it thoroughly, and put in new fans (with filters this time ). Walk-through is cool Nos. What kind of system are you building? You have a pretty tight setup there DruNk. Lost of stuff going on. Which instrument do you play? I've never seen a "Cave" so well kept. I concur. Rockin' rig DjVaGGo. It looks super sweet in the dark. What's the size of the new monitor, 24"? Damn Van! Soooo much power!! I'll bet gaming has never felt so good! BTW, Are you planning to SLI that beast?
  13. Nice VB! Case is way cool. I bet that screen is amazing (I love CRT's). What are the internal specs? If it ain't broke... That's a great overclock as well (1.83GHz stock to 2.2GHz). You should think about throwing an X1950 Pro AGP card in (or an X1650XT AGP).
  14. Any new systems/parts to show off for 2007? Van, I saw your PC Pitstop final score. It was like six thousand plus. What kind of monster are you hiding over there?
  15. I don't know what the hell this is, but it's pretty funny/shocking. TiSP: Going with the Flow Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines. The kit: The system: Read the full page here: Get Started with Google TiSP Check out the: Press Release See the: FAQ
  16. Glad to see that you got it sorted falco. In most cases, starting over is the best solution. Once your system goes through changes like that, it never feels the same anymore. You end up getting lots of random problems that were not happening before. Ultimately, it results in you being more upset than you initially were. I've been through three fresh installs just this past week. First, I performed a clean install of Vista Ultimate. In addition to not being seasoned enough, it ended up being too resource hungry for my taste. I decided to format the drive. The second and only alternative for me is Windows XP Professional. Upon installation and updates, I had a problem with Office 2007 which prevented any of its applications from opening. Uninstalling/reinstalling didn't fix the problem. Not good. I need Office for daily tasks and can't have it functioning incorrectly. Yep, you guessed it, another format. Finally, this install of XP Pro is as perfect as it can get. Once everything was fully updated, and all necessary programs were installed, I used Acronis True Image Home 10 to make a complete image backup of operating system (3.88GB Maximum Compression). If I do run into any issues at any time, I can just restore the image and not worry about anything. Up to this point, I have not had one installation failure, crash, or error. Everything is good.
  17. This is just an add-on which gives additional security/functionality to Internet Explorer. It's not an entire browser.
  18. I read your post too fast. I thought you were making reference to an external hard drive. Being that the disc isn't being recognized, it makes me think that it's not bootable. Is it a backup copy? If so, maybe it wasn't burned correctly.
  19. IE7pro 0.9.12 Publisher's Description: IE7pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which adds lots of features and extras that make your IE easier, more useful, more secure and more customizable. Latest Changes: Added greasemonkey alike script support (user script which can modify specific web pages ), with youtube downloader and other famous video sharing websites downloader support Added user plugin support for IE7 status bar (Built-in global weather, alexa and google rank , webserver information) Enchaned AD block (now can filter image/div/iframe, support Regular Expression) Added Flash block again Screenshot: (click to view larger image) [url="http://images.betanews.com/screenshots/1168277137-1.png"] [img=http://images.betanews.com/screenshots/scaled/1168277137-1.jpg] [/url] [/html] Get it/read reviews here: [b][color=red]IE7pro 0.9.12[/color][/b]
  20. Each one shows up in Add or Remove Programs. Version 2.0 is required for me to install certain applications, like ATI's Catalyst Control Center.
  21. I've never heard it put that way before. Strong Cookie
  22. Choosing "Safe Mode w/Networking Support" will allow you to access the internet from your main system. shell32.dll and ntoskrnl.exe are very important system files (especially ntoskrnl.exe). Irreplaceable damage can occur if these two files are compromised. Another thing is that AVG may miss quite a few Trojans/Viruses. If you read here, you can see that AVG ranks 23rd & 24th when it comes to defending against known infections. I recommend disabling AVG from protecting/starting up with your system and uninstalling it. It isn't doing it's job anyway. This will also give you a chance to scan with another antivirus software. Active Virus Shield is very thorough and can give you a second opinion. As you can see from the list, it ranks 2nd and is built on Kaspersky's technology (ranked 1st). You may actually have other malicious files on your system. Before scanning, disable System Restore (Trojans/Viruses are known to hide there and flourish) and reboot. Rebuilding your boot.ini file through the Recovery Console doesn't seem to be the problem. If you were not able to make it pass the Windows XP loading bar, then it would be worth a shot. However, your boot.ini file seems to be functioning properly. Once you actually get to your Welcome screen/login prompt, your system is considered to have been booted properly. At that point, anything that happens can be credited to Windows as the operating system is in full control (viruses and all). This is definitely an infection.
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