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  1. Sorry I didn't get back sooner guys. I tried the various advice offered here but none of it remedied the problem that I was having. I tried the http://zoneedit.com/ for DNS service but could not get it to work. I know a fair amount about computers but I got a little lost in all the internet protocols and what not. I just don't think it is possible with SBC unless you want to sign up for buisness DSL which is overkill and too expensive for me. Instead I plane to wait another month until my contract is up and switch to Comcast Cable which doesn't change their IP addresses unless you restart you computer. I had their service before in Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley) and the IP address stayed the same for months without buying the buisness static IP service. I also have been using Apple's .Mac service meanwhile to host my webpages which is very user friendly to use and always up and running. Thanks for the help and advice offered here.
  2. I am trying to run my web page off my home computer using my MAC OSX computer and SBC Yahoo DSL. Everytime that I start up my computer I get a new IP address from Yahoo. Then I have to tell my domain provider that I have a new ip address for it to connect to the domain name. I know probably need the static ip service but it cost so much more just for that and I don't have the extra cash for it. Before this I had ATT cable modem and the ip address always stayed the same for weeks at a time. Whenever it changed I would just update the changes and it would keeping working fine for a long time. SBC on the other hand seems to change on me all the time. Is this just an SBC thing? IS there ANYTHING I can do to make my DSL modem or Dlink router hold onto the ip address for a longer period of time? What if I never shut down my computer will that help? I really appreciated any comments or help. Thanks!
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