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  1. I got installed late last week. On my first speed test I got something like 1600/36. I was thrilled! It didn't last long tho. By the next day I was getting 95/55 to 14/4... mostly in the 35/15 range. Argh!! What happened? I have read many of the tweaks postings and tried all of them. No joy. Here's the thing, just for fun I started running a ping -t against my assigned DW gateway. The pings fail 96% of the time (11,500 tries). Latencies are between 650 and 1400ms. That has got to be why my thruput sux so bad. I am using a 4000 on G4 (99W) with 66-69 signal strength. Not sure of the frequency. So, any ideas why I have such high loss? Dave
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