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  1. hi there swimmer! thanks for the reply. I checked my auto-update feature of the router and it shows I have the newest firmware for my router version 2000(come to find out there are two versions of belkin pre-n router: V2000 and the standard one) I tried to upgrade with link above but it would not install because it is for standard version. parental controls were disabled. I disabled windows & router firewall, norton, avg antivirus to no avail. now a week and half later I decide to see if network card/router security settings are the cause. I changed my data encryption from AES to TKIP on laptop network card and left router set to TKIP+AES. voila msn.com now loads with no problem. I had also began to have problems with google and other sites past few days too.. that crazy setting was the culprit all along. thanks for replying to my post bud and your help. have a good day
  2. Hi there! I have been having problems accessing msn.com on my wireless laptop. When attempting to access all I get is the status bar stalled at half or full percent and after 2-3mins I *might* get a part of the msn page to load with a few links and a little text displayed. I have no problems accessing any other page but this one and I checked that msn.com was not a blocked site in Internet Explorer. My wired desktop has no issues so I am wandering if one of my wireless settings on the router may be blocking msn homepage on laptop. any idea on what might be going on? Thanks a bunch. p.s. hotmail.com works, but images linked from msn.com don't display but have x's. router model : F5D8230-4 v2 firmware : 2.01.02 boot version : 1.00.00
  3. Hiya. I downloaded the NDT web100 network diagnostic tester and installed the files on my system, but I am unable to start the web100srv process to make the test run. I have verified that the test page hosted on my server is accessible from the internet, but says "Server process not running: start web100srv process on remote server" when trying to run it. my operating system is Windows XP Pro with Apache webserver and ports 3001, 3002, 3003 are enabled on router. how do I go about starting web100srv process? thanks a bunch
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